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Krivy is your one-stop solution to display ads, helping you target the right consumer at the right time. As a top display advertising agency, we make ads that promote and create better awareness about your brand, product, or service using texts, images, and videos. These ads are displayed on banners of relevant websites or apps in different sizes.

With Krivy, you can drive your digital ad campaigns to success and earn better ROI for your business. In addition, you can track your consumer on different sites and applications to display your ads to them on those mediums.

At Krivy, we will create innovative Display Ads that will:

  • Have impactful content to engage your prospects
  • Be visible to consumers on the websites or applications they use daily
  • Remarket your products to your existing consumers and prospects who are yet to convert
  • Target your consumers based on their interests, tastes, and preferences
  • Have relevant keywords to target your consumers better
  • Show ads based on locations and languages
  • Target your consumers based on demographics – age, gender, income, and more

Display Ad Marketing

What are display ads?

Want to create engaging ads with eye-catching content, trap the right audience and have better sales funnel to generate profitable results?

Krivy provides you with the best solution to make your audience aware of your brand through Display ads.

To fulfill your digital marketing goals, display advertising helps you attract consumers on websites, social media platforms, and other digital mediums. These advertisements encourage customers to click through ads, land on your landing page, and purchase your product and services.

Use display ads for retargeting your existing consumers and motivating them to do business with you again. In all, display ads compel users to take action by creating innovative ads to attract consumers.

Krivy helps you to make the best type of display ads for your consumer. Here are a few ads that we offer under Display Advertising Services:

Banner Ads

These ads appear on the top of your website just like banners to grab your consumer’s attention and make them click-through ads.

Interstitial Ads

These full-screen ads cover the host’s interface and direct users to the original page of your website or application.

Rich Media Ads

Rich Media Ads have interactive elements like videos, audios, fill-ups, opt-in forms, and clickable elements to reach your customer.

Video Ads

Video ads are displayed either inside video content or after the video gets complete. In addition, there are also standalone video ads to give a more customized experience to your user.

What's The Advantage Of Responsive Display Ads?

Are you interested in converting your Standard Display Campaigns to Smart Display Campaigns? Then, choose Krivy to convert your viewers to scale with responsive display ads.

Here are a few advantages of responsive display ads that you can tap with us:

Optimize your performance and ads

Google Analytics helps optimize your ads by checking on granular performance and tracking your audience’s engagement with your ads.

Add Diversity to your ads

Krivy will help you to manage your Google Ad account and utilize the Google Display Network to access millions of sites to display your ads according to the relevant keywords.

Rich Media Ads

We will customize your responsive display ads into different shapes, sizes, and types of ads. As a result, you can choose the best ad to help you fulfill your advertising goals and run better digital campaigns.

Automation is timesaving

Google ads automatically create ads based on the images, headlines, logos, and more that you upload. Automation helps you save your time to utilize it in other productive ways to succeed in your ad campaign.

Remarketing your campaigns

You can create dynamic ad campaigns with responsive display ads and remarket your campaigns to the users who have visited your website or have done business with you in the past.

How do Responsive Display Ads use Automation?

At Krivy, we create responsive display ads for your brand through automation. All we need to do is plan to upload your assets, including images, headlines, logos, videos, and descriptions. Once you have uploaded your assets, Google will automatically create ads for you, and our team will manage the channel.

Responsive display ads use a machine-learning configuration to determine which asset should be used for each slot based on the previous performances of your ad campaigns.

To reach your potential consumer as quickly as possible, choose responsive ads which allow you to gain maximum results, making it one of the best modes of online advertisement.

The insights gained from Google Analytics helps in upscaling the performance of your Google ads, broadens your reach to your audience, ensures more awareness and recall about your brand among prospective customers.

How do Our Display Ad Services Work?

Our display advertising services will help you become a known brand among customers and motivate you to earn a lucrative ROI for the growth of your business.

Define your business goals to Krivy, and we will help you succeed in them. We will make a tailored strategy to reach your goals steadily with optimized performance and reach of your digital campaigns.

In addition, we will make informed decisions to plan your digital ad campaigns.

We will help you increase conversion rates by getting access to your consumers on different digital points. First, we will segment your audience into various groups depending upon demographics, location, tastes, and preferences.

Then we will continue to analyze their behavior, monitor their activities, and showcase your ads to them on websites they regularly visit.

Now we will focus on optimizing your ad offers with a clear call-to-action message to maximize impressions on your ads. Krivy will help you display ads in multiple versions for A/B testing to determine which format gets you maximum leads. A/B testing will ensure continuous improvement of your ads.

Landing pages are critical to capture the attention of your customers. We help you in creating engaging content with relevant keywords to optimize your landing pages

In addition, our in-house design experts align your landing pages to align with your company’s brand and ad offers.

With the help of a display network, we monitor your digital campaigns to gain impactful insights on areas that need improvement to optimize your campaigns accordingly. In addition, we implement URL codes on your display ads to get the actual rate of conversions.

Our working module is transparent with comprehensive reports to give you exact data of your finances. We gather a complete assessment of your ad campaign’s performance with our display advertising services and report to you about the same.

In addition, we will keep you in the loop with all strategic decisions to run your ad campaigns.

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Client Testimonials

Abhay is a really great email marketer! He was able to successfully migrate our ESP from mailerLite to activeCampaign, built complex email flows, send targeted campaigns and more!

Very professional and very thorough. Helped me tremendously and learned so much from him about my Klaviyo account and what to do. Team was very much focused and clear what we need. Will surely hire them again!

I have been working with Krivy for six months and in these six months the Krivy team is always there to solve my queries. Team Krivy helped us reach our goals with speedy growth strategies, tactics, and on-brand campaign creativity.

The growth squad model assisted us with remaining agile yet laser-centered in accomplishing key measurements and development targets. Krivy's team is fast and predictable in conveying top and center funnel development.