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What are Remarketing Ads?

Google Remarketing ads are a prominent way to bring back the lost visitors/ leads to your website/product and motivate them to finish the purchase journey. All this is done by sending emails to re-engage with all those past customers who took an interest in your product and bought your services/products from your app/website. And with remarketing ads, you are helping them re-engage with your brand again, and you get an opportunity to cross-sell, upsell, or re-sell your old and new products.

Considering how to execute Google remarketing ad strategy for your store? Choose Krivy, the best ad-words remarketing agency to help you with best-in-class remarketing services. Check out what our experts will do for you:

  • Plan best-remarketing ads so that you never stop reaching out to your prospects.
  • Personalize your email marketing campaigns depending upon your marketing goals.
  • Design a custom ad offer for better conversions via emails
  • Strategically remarket ads to a higher set of targeted audience with cost-effective ways
  • Help you get started and thrive with Google remarketing

What are Retargeting Ads?

Be it Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other platform your potential audience is surfing, now reach them and all your hot leads and first-time visitors with serious marketing efforts – retargeting ads. With retargeting ads, you are helping them remind about their already existing needs and desires of buying that product/ service. This is done via online ad placement or display ads to target users that have interacted on your website and left without making a purchase.

Retargeting ads are placed by 3rd parties like Google Display Network or Facebook ads to trigger ads on those websites where your users are navigating too. And, these retargeting ads are categorized into two aspects – on-site and off-site events.

Difference between remarketing and retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting both are two different strategies having similar goals – conversions. Another thing that relates to both remarketing and retargeting is they are a part of PPC. But despite the similarities, there is a small line of difference between both the strategies.

Remarketing email ads are used to re-engage with the existing audience, and set of existing clients, whereas retargeting is used to gain the attention of prospects who have shown interest in your products and services. Major types of remarketing include Facebook Pixel Remarketing, Google Display Remarketing, and Email Remarketing. And so, it won’t be wrong to say that remarketing entails retargeting.

Types of remarketing & retargeting ads

Krivy, as the best remarketing agency service, will help you utilize emails and ads to remarket and retarget your audience. You will be able to reach users who have either done business with you or have abandoned their cart without purchasing anything.

With remarketing and retargeting ads, you can drive more traffic to your official website, engage more audience, spread more awareness of your brand, and increase your ROI.

A remarketing ad campaign can be divided into five different types:

Standard Remarketing

With standard remarketing, display your ads to all your past users who at some point navigated through your website and then moved on to the next one. You can also target users who have searched for products and services relevant to you on Google.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing involves serving targeted ads to visitors based on how they browse a webpage. It includes messages customized for the visitor viewing the ad, increasing the likelihood of returning to retrieve abandoned items.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Krivy’s Remarketing Lists for Search Ads will help you personalize your search ad campaigns to people who have already visited your website. We will help you by bidding on keywords relevant to your customers or are not your usual choice to bid on the campaigns. Through this, you will be able to know which strategy will drive more results for you.

Video Remarketing

With Video Remarketing, you can re-engage with consumers who have visited your website online or come in contact with your products and services. We will track your consumer and display your videos either in between a Youtube video or as a suggestion video.

Email Remarketing

Krivy will help you target your potential customer by dropping a plain text on their email inbox. These emails can either be a follow-up action regarding a purchase they have abandoned or send them emails regarding your products, services, and other offerings.

Just like that, a retargeting marketing campaign can be divided into two parts, that are:

Pixel-Based Retargeting

With pixel-based retargeting, you can show your content and target all the consumers that have visited your website. In addition, we will help you track your potential customers, show them specific ads as their search results.

List-Based Retargeting

With list-based retargeting, you target customers that are already a part of your database. Herein, we will help you reach users by listing them on your email list and send them detailed information about your products, offerings, and other emails to make them aware of your brand.

Why is Remarketing Crucial for Business?

Remarketing is crucial for your business growth because they help you to reach your potential lead, nurture them and convert them as your customer. By retargeting your customers, you can connect to your ideal customer and know their tastes and preferences.

Some of the critical benefits of remarketing with Krivy are:

  • We will help you spread more awareness about your brand to your potential leads
  • We will re-market your content, products, and other offerings to audiences on different social media platforms.
  • Remarketing your ads to your existing potential customer is a cost-effective solution than finding new leads and marketing your products.
  • We will increase your ROI and drive more traffic to your website with remarketing ad campaigns.

Why choose Krivy for Retargeting campaign?

Krivy is one of the best retargeting campaign companies available to boost your conversion rates and increase your revenue. Retargeting ads have more click-through rates than your average display ads. Thus it will be the most effective strategy to grow your business.

When you use Krivy’s retargeting service, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Ad campaigns that engage your users will be more effective
  • Customize your ads to have better conversion rates
  • Revision of your email list to nurture potential customers
  • Optimize your content to attract more customers

How does Krivy Help You in Remarketing and Retargeting Ads?

Based on your consumer’s preferences and tastes, Krivy will help you target them. As a result, we will help you drive more traffic and generate ROI for your business. In addition, we will spread more awareness about your brand by remarketing and retargeting ads. By retargeting your customers, you can connect to your ideal customer and know their tastes and preferences.

Here are few ways we will help you remarket and retarget your customer by running successful ad campaigns:

  • Customize and understand your customer’s journey to be your products, services, and offerings
  • Make your audience more visible and get in touch with them better
  • Observe advertising frequency closely to gain essential insights for your strategy
  • Implement dynamic creative ads to increase your revenue

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