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My 2 Cents on Wedding

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Tip 1 : Plan a good timeline If ever a bride asks “What is the ONE thing I can do to get the best wedding photos possible?”… “Plan a good wedding day timeline” is my answer. It is THE most important tip I can offer. “What makes a good wedding timeline”, you ask? Plan MORE time than you think you’ll need for everything. Weddings are unpredictable. Plan a timeline with wiggle room for dress bustling, makeup retouching, groomsmen running late,

15+ Beautiful Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring
Many of us already know that the modern wedding ring was an invention of the diamond industry. (I know, shocking right?!) And even more of us know that wedding rings don’t have to look like what Tiffany’s is trying to sell us. From the event designer, knowing the history of wedding traditions doesn’t automatically mean you can extricate yourself emotionally from wanting those traditions for yourself. We should have high impactful designs for wedding ring and it's amazing wedding. Wedding comes once in a life