8 Recommended eCommerce SEO for Small Businesses


One of the first challenges associated with starting an eCommerce business is getting visibility across the internet. Without establishing your brand awareness, your eCommerce business is vulnerable to collapse. That makes eCommerce SEO for small businesses very important.

Without a doubt, search engine optimization can make a significant difference in your small business’s visibility. SEO plays an integral part in the complex structure of the internet today. It only makes sense to invest in eCommerce SEO services if you want to succeed with your online store.

The internet is a fantastic information channel used by everyone around the world. Interestingly, many people are online at different hours, making it a traffic-laden place to get leads for your business. We create this blog because we care about your business survival.

You will discover eCommerce SEO benefits and how they can help you grow your small business to a satisfactory level.

Why do Small Businesses need eCommerce SEO Services?

A recent study revealed that more than 50% of traffic generated by most websites originated from organic searches. It indicates that about 75% of users and buyers prefer organic search engine results to paid ones. In fact, an average user is skeptical about sponsored posts because they feel they might not be from trusted sources.

That should ring a bell to you. The implication for your small business is investing in eCommerce SEO services that can pull traffic to your online store. That makes SEO companies focus on assisting small businesses in building easy-to-use websites. Accompanying these sites is SEO-rich content and smooth navigation.

These valuable components generate satisfactory user experience and solutions to issues that could hinder your business’s prosperity. Adopting functional SEO to improve your website traffic gives you access to business data to understand your market. You can gain numerous eCommerce SEO benefits if you put in the needed effort.

Fortunately, we have put together eCommerce SEO for Small businesses to become more efficient. Below are the SEO tips to use across different channels.

  • Use the Right Keywords

It is not enough to create content without including keywords for ranking. Whether website content, product description, or blog posts, it is necessary to find and use relevant keywords. The idea behind using keywords is to increase your chances of becoming visible when people search for what you offer.

LSIgraphs is an online tool to search for trending keywords. It brings the analytics for each keyword, making it possible to determine what people are looking for on the internet. Write out a few identified keywords and analyze their efficiency. Using longer keywords increases your visibility to prospective customers.

  • Take Advantage of SEO Technology

Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Drupal allows you to include important keyword to make a page visible. The associated plugin helps you know if your keyword is good or wrong under the section. It provides hints on what needs amendment and what looks good.

Because every page is unique in its way, you must follow the same process to ensure you apply the appropriate focus keywords. It is incorrect to have a title contradicting the keywords you used for every page. Your Meta Title and Meta description must include keywords. This is one of the eCommerce SEO benefits to grow your small business.

  • Website Speed Optimization

Using necessary keywords is not enough if your website runs slowly. It means you need to conduct a website audit to inspect how it functions. A website audit is an eCommerce SEO service to check if a site is working perfectly, especially the speed. The outcome helps determine your website status and what needs to be done for proper functioning.

Websites that load for long hours are not responsive and can turn off visitors. You don’t want to lose your prospects because your eCommerce website loads slowly. Fix your website based on the result generated from audit processes. Semrush is an effective tool to do this.

  • Video Content Ranks Better

Video content is an effective strategy for ranking in search engines. It is an effective eCommerce SEO service to increase your brand visibility in recent times. A short but informative video is ideal, which doesn’t require using sophisticated equipment. Upload the videos you created on social media, particularly YouTube and other sites famous for video content.

It is essential to include a caption that links your website in every video created. That will induce customers to visit your web page, which increases your website traffic.

  • Content Creation for Each Page

Irrespective of the case, endeavor to have content for every page on your website. It must have relevant keywords to boost your business’s visibility. However, it would be best never to overuse keywords to avoid stuffing the page, which may render your SEO strategy ineffective.

Create good content for pages that require it. For example, your product page is one of the crucial pages on your sites. The ideal practice is to ensure your product description carries the right keywords. For your website to be on the first page in search results, keywords are a requirement considered by search engines.

  • Provide Accurate Information

Unknown to some business owners, search engines use brand information, especially location, in the ranking algorithm. It is very wrong to have inconsistent local information. It confuses search engines, which could affect your web traffic negatively. Corrections are required once in a while. Cases like these require that you ensure the information correlates across all channels.

For small businesses with no particular location, a listing is an ideal option for you. Provide accurate info through the checkbox created by Google for “Service Area Business.” Check thoroughly and confirm that the details you provided are correct before submitting. 

  • Create Personalized Social Media Accounts

It’s not news anymore that the world is now a global village. Buying habit is changing. Businesses can get customers through social media too. That is why having a social media account for your brand is essential. It has a prospect for growing a small business, but it depends on your marketing strategy.

Create posts to advertise your goods and services if you already have one. Having a social media manager can increase your engagement level. Engaging prospects and customers through content can boost your ROI significantly.

  • Get Quality Backlink

Building credibility for a small eCommerce business requires a lot of effort from the owner. You need to develop that authority to be visible in search results. For this reason, you need a professional offering eCommerce SEO services to implement backlinks in your content strategy. Take advantage of sites with high domain authority to establish your brand.

Insert backlinks in your blog posts, articles, or website content to improve your SEO strategy. It generates organic traffic for your website. Backlinks from the perspectives of search engines imply reliability and validation. Therefore, get quality backlinks from reliable sources to build your small business.


Every brand requires eCommerce SEO for small businesses for visibility and awareness. Gaining the upper hand on the internet comes with visibility when customers need you. That is why we emphasize eCommerce SEO services for businesses in their infant stage. During the early phase, you need to engage people, become visible, and stay ahead of the competition.

For this to happen, you need to invest your time and money while you wait patiently for positive results. However, suppose you can’t handle this. You can partner with an SEO agency to assist you with the right strategy to upscale.

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