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Hire Krivy for Your Lead Nurturing

Congratulations! You have successfully attracted your potential audience with your engaging content and other marketing efforts. Now, what next? Undoubtedly, it’s time to stimulate the visitors to make final purchases so that you can close the deal and generate revenues. To fulfill your expectations, it’s time for you to connect with us!

Krivy, a well-experienced lead nurturing company, is here to assist you with maximizing inbound marketing outcomes. Get access to a team of dedicated inbound marketing experts who not only fully grasp what is lead nurturing but have vast exposure to transforming expectations into realities.

Hiring Krivy for lead nurturing will entitle you with:

  • Having a better understanding of the interest and pain points of your leads
  • Facilitating strong communication with prospects
  • Working aggressively to convert your leads into customers
  • Generating sustainable revenue.
  • Formulating and deliver personalized messages for easy pitching
  • Adopting a gentle approach to them for buying your product and services.

How Our Lead Nurturing Works

Let your leads be robust and have reasonable conversion rates. Then, go for our lead nurturing services that focus on increasing your revenue and provide a platform to achieve your marketing goals.

Check out how Krivy’s experts will make lead nurturing work for you. Here is a glimpse of what steps we follow:

  • Evaluate your current lead nurturing status
  • Develop a lead nurturing plan to enrich your sales funnel
  • Segment your audience
  • Pitch them to buy via sending appealing proposals
  • Conversion and closure of deals
  • Save the details for retargeting

Our Lead Nurturing Services:

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

We intensely plan to design and optimize lead nurturing campaigns for your business to help you connect with your potential leads and customers. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of any business. And, our team of experts first understands your marketing goals and formulate result-driven lead nurturing campaigns accordingly.

Here’s what our team follows to create feature-rich lead nurturing campaigns for you:

  • Conduct a deep understanding of your sales funnel
  • Determine your audience personal
  • Set goals for your campaigns
  • Map out further lead nurturing content
  • Build lead nurturing workflow
  • Run testing before launching the campaign
  • Make campaign workflow live
  • Monitor and enhance campaign performance

Email marketing

Our lead nurturing emails appeal to your prospects’ emotions using social proof and user-generated content. We make striking email copies that never let any lead purchase somewhere else or change their mind to drop the buying idea. As a result, our influencing email marketing strategy increases your sales at a low cost.

A glimpse of what Krivy do for you to nurture leads from email marketing as a channel:

  • Identify targeted leads and personalize emails accordingly.
  • Plan pitch by adding some value and benefits to boost conversions
  • Set objectives for varied email marketing strategies and track the important KPIs
  • Add compelling CTA to drive more traffic
  • Set series of lead nurturing emails to automate the email campaign

B2B marketing

We serve B2B marketers with our custom lead nurturing services, including everything from creating quality content to pitching the information to the right market. Krivy experts work spontaneously to drive B2B leads, so get ready to turn your visitors into paying customers! Let’s connect, and we will help you drive engagement.

Our B2B marketing service umbrella includes:

  • Spontaneous catch up of leads and processes ahead
  • Directly targeting the personal accounts for better CTRs
  • Leverage potentials of email automation
  • Score your leads and target high volume leads first
  • Facilitate relationships with leads
  • Maintain long term contact with them to retarget them in the long run

What to Expect From Us As Your Lead Nurturing Company

1. Custom Campaign

We understand the distinctiveness of every business and customize lead nurturing campaigns according to your needs.

2. Maximize Your ROI

We endeavor to nurture your leads until they are converted into sales to offer higher returns on investment.

3. Highly Dedicated Team of Experts

Our team comprises a highly dedicated and experienced team that drives their efforts to deliver expected results.

4. Cost-effective Packages

We work on an agreement basis and have a flexible pricing model as per your requirements.

What Is an Inbound Marketing Channel?

Inbound marketing channels allow you to connect with your prospective customers online. It is the way to attract potential leads with compelling content and other online assets. Krivy’s experts guide you in selecting the most effective inbound marketing channels that facilitate relationships with your customers on a positive note and enable them to maintain long-term loyalty.

Most Influencing inbound marketing channel we work on:

Custom Integrations

  • SEO
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Podcast
  • Landing Pages

Where does Inbound Marketing differ from Outbound Marketing?

For many, both inbound and outbound marketing strategy is the same! However, they aren’t the same thing. So let’s make it easy for you!

Our creative content creators will write informative digital content to target your potential audience inbound marketing services. In addition, we will help you track them on social media, interactive forums, blogs, reports, and webinars, which are included in our inbound marketing services.

On the contrary, in outbound marketing services, we will write non-digital content to stimulate your leads and display them in direct mails, magazines ads, billboards, TV, etc.

Inbound, outbound, or both; no matter what your business demands, Krivy’s marketing techniques will match your needs and the nature of your business. The best part is that we offer both services on a budget conducive to everyone’s pockets.

Our Inbound Marketing Services:

Reinforce your inbound marketing strategy and improve your search engine positioning with our inbound SEO services. Our experts optimize your website in a way that it crawls high on SERPs and gains a sufficient amount of traffic that further turns to leads then becomes a loyal customer of your brand.

Our SEO services will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Intense keyword research and targeting
  • Website optimization with on-page and off-page SEO techniques
  • Create quality content and SEO-friendly content
  • Build high authority backlinks

Our budget-friendly PPC advertising campaign complements your inbound marketing strategy. PPC ad campaigns provide you with deep insights into customers’ behavior, and as a leading inbound marketing agency, we shape your overall marketing strategy accordingly.

What you will get in our PPC advertising services:

  • Improved inbound marketing strategy
  • Accurate data to target potential audience
  • Traffic for A/B testing and adjustment
  • Increase in brand reach

The success of any marketing campaign significantly depends on the quality of content, whether it is email marketing, social media marketing, or inbound marketing. Our dedicated content creators first understand your needs and draft content artistically to gain maximum reader attention.

Our content marketing services consist of the following elements:

  • Research on a specific topic
  • Target keywords profoundly
  • Write impressive and customer-centric content
  • Publish content on high authority websites
  • Encourage readers engagements and stimulate them to give positive reviews
  • Evaluate the performance of content and make further updates.

Expand your brand awareness and keep your business on the top of the customers’ minds with our inbound email marketing. Show your customers that they play a valuable role in your business, and you are there to help them nurture them with our creatively drafted emails.

Key USPs of our Email marketing services:

  • We consider every detail of your customers
  • We create and plan personalized emails for precious clients
  • Striking and appealing subject lines
  • Your conversion is our ultimate goal

Social media has become an integral part of marketing for both B2B and B2C brands, and adopting it for inbound marketing must be a perfect choice to reach the maximum audience. We have social media marketing specialists who will handle your social media account effectively and keep your business engaged with the audience via frequent posts, likes, comments, and shares.Benefits of our social media marketing services:

  • Know everything about your audience personal
  • Interact with customers directly
  • Promote your content
  • Make sense of recognition among customers
  • Attract new customers

What to Expect from Us As Your Inbound Marketing Agency

Be on The Top of the Customers Mind

Our efforts make sure that you will be the first choice of customers

Expand Your Brand’s Reach

Our ultimate goal is to get your brand’s voice noticed and make it impactful to gauge the attention of a vast range of potential audiences.

Cost-Effective Solutions

For all of your inbound marketing needs, we can design a solution that meets your budgetary requirements.

Dedicated Team of Experts

A team delivers our inbound marketing solutions to professional digital marketers under one roof.

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Client Testimonials

Abhay is a really great email marketer! He was able to successfully migrate our ESP from mailerLite to activeCampaign, built complex email flows, send targeted campaigns and more!

Very professional and very thorough. Helped me tremendously and learned so much from him about my Klaviyo account and what to do. Team was very much focused and clear what we need. Will surely hire them again!

I have been working with Krivy for six months and in these six months the Krivy team is always there to solve my queries. Team Krivy helped us reach our goals with speedy growth strategies, tactics, and on-brand campaign creativity.

The growth squad model assisted us with remaining agile yet laser-centered in accomplishing key measurements and development targets. Krivy's team is fast and predictable in conveying top and center funnel development.