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What is Lead Generation Marketing: Why is SEO Important?

Since most businesses rely on their customers to grow their market share, it is essential to include SEO in your business marketing strategy. Your business needs complete B2B SEO solutions to optimize your website and increase your brand’s regional reach.

Choose our team of Lead-gen SEO experts who will put maximum effort into increasing your website visibility and searchability on the Google SERPs. Our goal will be to help you reach the top page of Google so that anyone can find your business efficiently and get their foot in to buy your goods and services.

Our intensive and result-driven B2B SEO process leads you to generate more leads, conversions, and sales. In addition, we update your website content to be optimized and informative enough to understand by search engine bots and customers.

We are not finished yet! We have more benefits for being a B2B SEO Agency:

  • Our SEO team will also follow data-driven SEO strategies and track the results using various SEO tools like Google Analytics and other website analytics platforms.
  • Thus, you get the campaign performance report in real-time. Also, we tweak our strategies via A/B testing to maximize the ROIs. And, our team stays up to the mark with every changing Google algorithm and optimizes your website accordingly.

What Makes Us Your Choice for Lead Generation SEO

  1. Make Trustworthy Appearance On Web:

    Showcase your offerings and strengthen your image

  2. Increase Brand Reach:

    Gift your website a wider audience with our exclusive SEO services

  3. Sustainable Growth:

    Get more footfalls and regular customers with increased ROI

  4. Higher Ranking:

    Get our team’s 24*7 conclusive efforts to rank on the top

Lead generation: Organic Services

We achieve higher organic search visibility with our 100% unique, custom-tailored, and affordable B2B SEO services. At Krivy, we formulate the best organic SEO strategies to garner quality traffic to your website and generate potential leads for conversion.

We begin by identifying the most suitable keywords for your website, after which we perform a competitive keywords analysis about the search volume and the competition for each keyword. After mapping out the most suitable and relevant keywords for your business, we optimize them in your website content.

Our creative content writers skillfully place all the essential targeted keywords in your content to make your website SEO-friendly and more understandable to search engines. However, we also ensure that you don’t get over stuff and force keywords to make your webpage quality one step down.

We ensure continuous engagement of your website and its content across various social media platforms. Our content creators always look forward to creating fresh corporate content for your social media to gain more leads and conversion. In addition, with our exclusive social media copy, we bring the opportunity to attract more prospects and inform users about your endeavors.

As a leading B2B SEO agency, we manage your corporate blogs with business articles and other SEO-targeted text. In addition, our team drafts keyword-optimized blogs with backlinks that point your website to crawl on the top and generate more potential leads organically.

With Krivy, you will be able to build and maintain relationships with third-party sides that provide quality backlinks for your website. For example, Google loves to crawl the websites that are referred by any high-authority domains, and to rank top on search engines, you need to get backlinks from there.

Our experts develop white hat link-building strategies that are tailored to your specific business needs. We also connect with relevant content creators and industry influencers to write about your business and post them on relevant high-authority websites to add value, generate leads, and unlock your ranking potentials.

Our creative content writers draft your website content in a way that is easy to digest by the customers and stimulate them to buy your product and services organically. We creatively prepare the website navigation and content that never lets customers shut your website from researching to adding carts and finally purchasing.

As a leading B2B SEO marketing company, we create striking and catchy call-to-actions that drive customers to finish the transactions efficiently. In addition, our experts create content that resonates with your potential audience and enhances their interest in your product and services. Utilizing keyword stuffing to generate relevant content from scratch, we compose highly creative content for our clients.

What is Lead Generation: Paid Advertising

Are you planning to hook in a broader set of audiences quickly? Try spending your precious marketing dollars on paid advertising and reach out to the actual people looking for your products and maximize the overall impact of your SEO. Worried about how to step in? Now, choose Krivy’s expert lead generation team and thrive on SERPs both organically and via paid promotional advertising. Check out what we have to offer:

We understand you might have different goals when running Paid ads for your business. And that’s why we offer you varied PPC bidding strategies, one of the most challenging things to plan when providing lead generation services.

Though we deploy several PPC bid automation tools, we use our years of experience in boosting ad conversions and driving sales via mobile and desktop ads.

For increasing the conversions, Our team:

  • Adjusts the keywords, audience sets, and placements
  • Plan to use Target CPA (Target cost per action) to boost the conversion targets
  • Perform manual bidding with the right strategy to use ECPC (Enhanced cost per click).

Along with planning to launch ad campaigns for lead generation, it is equally important to plan where the ads will display or show up to your target audience. For this, along with keyword optimization, our Krivy experts will also plan to optimize your ad’s placement with a motive to reach a higher set of audiences at the right time and the right place.

Our experts will help you identify your audience and where they spend their day on virtual platforms. Along with this, we will also determine:

  • Poor ad placement areas
  • How to make your ad content of the highest quality
  • Ways to formulating a positive bid adjustment
  • Strategies to ensure that no ad placement of yours should convert poorly

Knowing where to target your ads is essential to making the most of your limited promotional budget. Allow our lead-generating industry expert team to maximize your PPC returns with planned paid advertising. Our team will:

  • Exclude the location which does not match your goals
  • Use tools like Google Trends to gain region-based insights about your set target audience
  • Track and analyze the metrics, including clicks, impressions, average cost-per-click (CPC), and more

We will turn both your ad copy and account geo-specific and plan to segment the right set of the audience so that no penny of yours is wasted. Further, your ad copies will also be aligned with the voice of the audience.

An enticing ad copy is halfway to boost the footfalls, but you must have an attractive and striking landing page where customers will land and process to buy your goods and services for conversions. With the ad campaign, you have already decided where your customer will land after clicking on the ads, and our experts will optimize that landing page creatively to provide ease to customers for buying.

Core elements that are optimized in your landing page:

  • Show all your USPs
  • Display compelling offers
  • Interactive visuals
  • Striking and catchy call-to-action
  • Create a sense of urgency

We ensure your landing page is bug-free to reduce any movability issues and enhance the customer buying experience to retain them for a more extended period.

Just like we need to finalize the primary and LSI SEO keywords, paid advertising also chooses the right metrics. And out of which several metrics, keyword research is among the direct jobs to perform. The highest ROI fetching Google Adwords strategies include proper targeting, which is done via:

  • Interests
  • Location
  • Keywords

And, we at Krivy will help you run a successful PPC ad campaign by identifying different keywords for different purposes. Not just identification, but our team will also help you with grouping and managing all the important LSI, long-tail, competitive, and brand keywords.

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Abhay is a really great email marketer! He was able to successfully migrate our ESP from mailerLite to activeCampaign, built complex email flows, send targeted campaigns and more!

Very professional and very thorough. Helped me tremendously and learned so much from him about my Klaviyo account and what to do. Team was very much focused and clear what we need. Will surely hire them again!

I have been working with Krivy for six months and in these six months the Krivy team is always there to solve my queries. Team Krivy helped us reach our goals with speedy growth strategies, tactics, and on-brand campaign creativity.

The growth squad model assisted us with remaining agile yet laser-centered in accomplishing key measurements and development targets. Krivy's team is fast and predictable in conveying top and center funnel development.