If you have been looking for a banner/image to share your thoughts, you have come to the right place. In this post we will examine the best options to create a meaningful image, without rooting your device.

To make great app promo images, you are going to need the best quality image creation app that you can get. These solutions will make that possible.

Choose a image from Gallery or Capture new image via Camera

There are a lot of different  image creation solutions out there for Android. But before we get into that, the solution you use is going to depend on the version of Android your device has and app which have best review.

Select a Pixie Art App and let’s follow the below steps to complete your first quote banner/image

Step 1:

Import background photo from gallery or click the fresh from from camera. You can also choose from our hand picked collection of the default backgrounds.

Step 2:

There is an option to apply various filters over the background.

Step 3:

Add the custom text over the image or can use one from the existing thoughts. You can change thoughts by pressing top left button on navigation bar.

Step 4:

Press “Add secondary text” to enable the subtitle for the banner, or punchline to support the title text.

Step 5:

Press “Add Logo” to add the logo for your banner. Move, Resize to set it to specific location.

Step 6:

Save it to gallery, or share the banner with your friends over the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.. to get the review about your creation.


I hope you enjoyed with image creation steps and created your first banner image with Pixie Art.

Let me share you more features of Pixie Art App.

Key Features

  • 10+ filters to decorate your banners
  • Easy social share photo sharing support
  • Add custom fonts
  • Resize the text with the pinch gestures
  • All banner sizes support
  • Wide, Tell and Square banner choice

I hope you will really enjoy with this pixie art application, if you haven’t try once and make the great impression amongst to your friend’s mind by creating the wonderful banners using the app.

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